What is 4 Glow Golf?


      4 Glow Golf is a new game/event for Private Parties, Corporate Team Building Outings and Fundraising Events.   

The game is played with 30 to 64 players typically in a 2 person scramble.  4 Glow Golf is  9 Holes of golf – At Night – Safely – On any golf course permitted. The game of night golf is not a new concept, but, the lighting and GLOW BALL technology has advanced. Creator Bobby Wikes is adding an extensive portable lighting scheme and game rules which will make it safe and fun. 

       4 Glow Golf is using the Night Flyer golf ball,  based on its patented technology and “cool factor”. A built in chip senses impact and lights for 8-10 minutes. When hit again, the “timer” starts over. 4 Glow Golf is an event/game utilizing the latest portable power and LED lighting technology.  Tee Box, Golf Carts, Pathways, Hazards, Hole and Green will be lit to provide you your target line and the ability to play the game at night!  

       Upon arrival 4 Glow Golf will provide a golf bag for you to pick THE 6 GOLF CLUBS you will use for play.  You will be playing from forward tees to ensure quick speed-of-play. The lighting scheme is designed for easy set up (under 90 minutes) and tear down (under 45minutes). This will be accomplished with two 4 Glow Golf staff members and two to three Golf Course Tournament Staff (which is typical for a tournament set up). 

The Launch Party: September 2019

Open and League Play 2020

How it works!

Using the patented Night Flyer™ golf ball and a proprietary lighting scheme created by 4 Glow Golf.  We will provide 9 holes of golf AT NIGHT.  We conduct a course evaluation to ensure it can fall into the 4 Glow Golf guidelines of safety, fun, play ability and speed-of-game.  Final “Game Play” rules are being developed, but PGA Stroke Play will rule.  The mission is to create a fun golf experience with a round played in 90 minutes!

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