What is 4 Glow Golf?

Over a decade in the making, 4 Glow Golf is fine tuning an advanced lighting concept that will allow golfers to play on a golf course at night!  “I have been watching the technology and the night golf niche market for over a decade” said Bob Wikes president of 4 Glow Golf.  “I decided now is the time to put it all together, and Delray Beach is the perfect US test market.

How it works!

Using the patented Night Flyer™ golf ball and a proprietary lighting scheme created by 4 Glow Golf.  We will provide 9 holes of golf AT NIGHT.  We conduct a course evaluation to ensure it can fall into the 4 Glow Golf guidelines of safety, fun, playability and speed-of-game.  Final “Game Play” rules are being developed, but PGA Stroke Play will rule.  The mission is to create a fun golf experience with a round played in 90 minutes!

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